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Setting up this goal

11 Feb

Another exciting local film Gol & Gincu, revolving around young Malaysian love and pursuits, is currently being shot. RIZAL JOHAN meets the main people behind the project.

FROM the producers who brought you Visits: The Hungry Ghost Anthology, Red Films is now embarking on a RM1.5mil film project about romance, women and the sport of futsal entitled Gol & Gincu (Goals & Lipstick). In a press conference announcing the aforementioned project recently, the filmmakers revealed the cast and crew involved in the film, and how it came about.

Present at the press conference was the film’s co-executive producer, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, who said in her speech: “The idea for this film started almost four years ago. Lina Tan (co-executive producer) wanted to see a local film about women and sports. With that in mind, Rafidah Abdullah (former host of popular TV show, 3R) ended up writing a script for it.”

Rafidah would continue writing different drafts of the script and in the meantime, managed to earn a degree in scriptwriting from the University of London in England last year. By the time Rafidah returned home, she realised how the popularity of the futsal sport had grown exponentially, and decided to incorporate it into the film.

“I was surprised to find how popular futsal had become among teens when I returned from England and had attracted guys as well as girls,” said Rafidah, a futsal fan herself, at the press conference.

Rafidah, in the end, crafted a story that centres on Putri (Nur Fazura), a college student who is determined to get her ex-boyfriend, a futsal fanatic, back by taking up the sport. Things however, are not as easy as they seem and it is through these obstacles that Putri gains her inner strength and confidence.

The cast for Gol & Gincu consists of relative newcomers, and co-executive producer Tan explained in her speech the decision for choosing such a cast.

“The film’s cast consists of young actors and some new actors and we took about a year to cast the right people. The reason it took so long was because we tried to find the right actors to fit the characters in the script.”

Nur Fazura, a young, up-and-coming actress who won the best hopeful female actress award at last year’s Festival Filem Malaysia, for her role in Bicara Hati, plays the lead role along with model and actor Ashraf Sinclair, who plays Eddie, Putri’s ex.

The rest of the cast consists of Sazzy Falak, Mohd Pierre Andre, Sharifah Amani, Melissa Maureen Rizal, Kartini Kamalul Arrifin, Celina Khor as well as familiar local actors such as Khatijah Tan, Yasmin Yusuff, Zahim Albakri and Ida Nerina.

The film also marks the directorial debut of Bernard Chauly, who previously helmed two telefilms for ntv7.

“I am very thankful for the opportunity to direct this movie,” said Chauly who continued: “I think my background in television is important now that I’m directing a film. My main audience (for the film) are Malaysians and that has been the case when I was directing for TV. I want to reach a Malaysian audience first and foremost.”

Shooting for the film began on Feb 4 and has a schedule of about 30 days.

Nur Fazura and Ashraf Sinclair, the leads for the film Gol & Gincu.

Nur Fazura and Ashraf Sinclair, the leads for the film Gol & Gincu.
“I hope that with good weather, everything will go well during the shoot,” said Chauly.

The film will be shot on Panasonic’s HD (High Definition) Pro cameras and will be transferred to film print during post-production. Post-production is expected to finish by May and the film is expected to open in cinemas later in the year.

Gol & Gincu will be distributed by Golden Screen Cinemas and has secured sponsors such as Hotlink, Coca-Cola and Adidas as well as Panasonic, Sportsplanet and M.A.C Cosmetics.