Qaisy & Laila

27 Jun


A love story between an Afghan young man, Qaisy, and a Malaysian medical relief volunteer, Laila. The gist of the story has Qaisy cutting short his studies in Malaysia to return home to look after his little sister when the rest of his family members were killed in the war. There he meets Laila who joins a Malaysian medical relief group to look for adventure.

In war-ravaged Afghanistan, love blooms slowly between an Afghan man (Qaisy) and a Malaysian aid worker (Laila) who is trying to escape her own personal demons at home.


Jehan Miskin … Qaisy
Nur Fazura … Laila
Umie Aida … Dr. Suria
Radhi Khalid … Sadiq
Redzuan Hashim … Dato’
Rahimah Rahim … Datin
Fahrin Ahmad … Arman
Tengku Nurtasha … Adik Nurjanah
Farok Khan … Samad


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