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Charting his future

26 Jul

Bissme S.

ASHRAF SINCLAIR’S first movie SH3 wasn’t well received, both at the box-office and among critics. But that has not dented this model-turned-TV host and actor’s popularity, judging by the number of producers knocking on his door with acting offers.

His next film is Gol & Gincu, where he plays Eddy, who dumps his girlfriend Putri (Nur Fazura) for Sasha (Sazzy Falak), the captain of one of a top women’s futsal team. Putri then decides to try and win over Eddy’s heart by starting her own futsal team. The movie, directed by Bernard Chauly, will be released on Aug 11.

In an interview, Ashraf, who is best known for the Petronas Gombak shoe ad and for hosting Box-Office Now (ntv7) talks about his career, his dream role and his personal life.

How did you begin your career as a model and then actor?
My first shoot was when I was 18. My elder sister Aishah had been talent spotted and I had to drive her to the agency. When I got there, they persuaded me to try out as well. In the end, I got cast in a Coca-Cola commercial. Needless to say, my sister didn’t get the role and was angry with me (he laughs).

You are now 25. So far you have only acted in two films and one tele-movie. Are you selective about your roles?
Yes, I am selective. I want to choose projects that allow me to grow as an actor. I want development. Some people say new actors should not be choosy and accept every role that comes their way. But I don’t believe in that. I don’t want to be motivated just by money.

What is your main criteria in accepting roles?
First of all, there must be a completed script. Very often I get offers for films where the shooting is about to start but there’s no script; I’m told I’ll get a daily script on the set. I dislike last minute productions and I hesitate to accept those kind of offers.

Tell us more about yourself.
I am the eldest of three children. My dad is English, and a businessman. My mom is a housewife and the chairperson of the non-profit Children’s Environmental Heritage Foundation. My family started the foundation 15 years ago as a way to expose children to the environment and develop a love for it. We are a part of nature. Would you spill oil all over yourself? Would you pollute yourself?


Where do you see yourself in five years?
I am working towards achieving financial freedom. I have my own image consultancy, which I plan to expand. I hope 10 years from now, when I am 35, I’ll have the freedom not to work any more.

Do you have someone special in your life?
Yes. She is from Europe. She was here for the holidays and that is how we met. We have been together for two months. She will be going back soon to continue her studies.

Do you think long distance relationships can work?
I have had long distance relationships all my life. I am committed to making this relationship work. I would not like to give up just because we are so far away from each other.


Favourite actors
“Adrian Brody. There is something mysterious about him. He was brilliant in The Pianist and The Jacket. The other actor I like is Brad Pitt. He has starred in a variety of movies such as The 12 Monkeys and Fight Club.”
Favourite actresses
“Susan Sarandon and Uma Thurman. They are so versatile.”
His view on acting
“To connect with people. Acting allows you to be anyone you like, from a serial killer to an accountant. You get to see the world from their viewpoint – through their eyes.”
His dream role
“Playing someone who has been pushed to the extreme and is on the brink of madness. I would love to kill a couple of people, too. Ha ha.”