Gol & Gincu reaches fever pitch

9 Aug


Ready for some female futsal action? RIZAL JOHAN tackles the latest film, Gol & Gincu, which seems poised to score with local audiences.

The producers of the popular TV teen series 3R and last year’s digital horror film, Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology, have taken a big commercial leap with their latest offering Gol & Gincu, which will hit theatres nationwide on Aug 11. This marks Red Films first film foray and also marks indie director Bernard Chauly’s film directorial debut.

Gol & Gincu is a teenage drama concerning Putri (Nur Fazura Sharifuddin), a fashion conscious girl who gets dumped by her futsal frenzy boyfriend Eddy (Ashraf Sinclair) and attempts to win him back by taking up the sport. She goes through the hurdles of being a woman in the male dominated sport, being a team player and finally, finds her self worth in and off the pitch. The film also stars Sazzy Falak, Melissa Maureen, Mohd Pierre Andre, Sharifah Amani, Bernice Chauly, 3R hosts Rafidah Abdullah (who also wrote the script), Kartini Kamalul Ariffin and Celina Khor as well as veteran actors Zahim Albakri, Ida Nerina and Khatijah Tan.

In a recent screening of the movie for members of the media, director Chauly spoke about the trials and tribulations of making the RM1.5mil movie. He was, for one, a little critical of his own work.

“I get more and more critical every time I watch the movie,” smiled the affable director who has helmed commercials, the TV drama Piala Untuk Mama for Ntv7, as well as episodes of 3R.

Critical though he may be, Chauly revealed that he had great time working on the film although he was worried about it initially.

“As a director, I was worried about the technical aspects of movie making like the colour grading and stuff. I got over that once we were on set though,” said Chauly.

Another thing that Chauly is pleased about is the tight shooting schedule, which went exactly as planned.

“We managed to wrap up principal photography as planned – 28 days in all. It was really fun making the film; the set was really fun and lively, we all did silly stuff to keep the atmosphere fun and Fazura especially kept the energy high on set,” he said.

When Fazura was asked where she got all her energy from, she replied: “Whenever I’m tired, I eat a lot of junk food.”

Gol & Gincu, which is set in modern day Kuala Lumpur, features contemporary, urban dialogue, a mixture of English and Bahasa Malaysia and the common colloquialisms. Chauly credited scriptwriter Rafidah for her ability to write fluid dialogue.

“Ninety-five percent of the dialogue in the movie was scripted. Rafidah writes dialogue naturally and I didn’t want to over rehearse the dialogue with the actors. I wanted the dialogue to come naturally.”

The script aside, Chauly could not get the development of the characters out of his head during pre-production.

“I dreamt about all the characters. I weighed them constantly in my mind,” he said.

When the film was completed however, the film was screened in front of a test audience and questionnaires were handed out to find out the audience reaction, just like how it’s done in Hollywood.

According to Chauly, the original cut of the film was over 120 minutes and after the filmmakers secured the results of the test audience, the film was cut down to 100 minutes.

“It was very useful (screening the film to a test audience),” said Chauly. “We didn’t end up throwing a lot of (the scenes) out but it was apparent to us what we needed to keep and what we needed to let go.”

Chauly had even heard comments that the film was likened as an independent film gone mainstream. He, however, does not agree with the statement.

He said: “What we wanted to do is tell a story with integrity.”



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