They want to bring me down

28 Aug

She’s currently riding high with the much talked about movie, Gol & Gincu. But Nur Fazura Sharifuddin’s personal life is mired in the depths of controversy, what with an assault charge and rumours of porn videos of her circulating.

FOR her StarMag photo shoot, Nur Fazura Sharifuddin wore a slinky navy-blue top and an ankle-length skirt – with Adidas futsal shoes.

She is, of course, promoting the Malay teen flick, Gol & Gincu, that revolves around indoor football. The 22-year-old actress plays the lead, Putri.

“Are those the famous high heels?” I ask as she changes from the stilettos in which she arrived to the sports shoes.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha,” she laughs (slightly cynically), and replies, “Of course not.”

Nur Fazura Sharifuddin as teenager Putri in Gol & Gincu(above).

The famous shoe is the one she used to allegedly assault a woman with in December last year. In May, Nur Fazura claimed trial in a Kuala Lumpur magistrate’s court to an assault charge.

“The evidence is with the police, obviously,” she says of the gold and silver shoe. And, no, she doesn’t want to talk about what happened – “That would be contempt of court!”

“But I have a replacement pair of shoes at home. I got a new pair because I love that style. It was not a Manolo. Thank God it was not one of my Manolos.”

Manolo Blahnik, for the fashion-challenged, is the really expensive haute couture brand beloved of Sex and the City TV character Carrie Bradshaw.

And there you have it: the contradiction that is Nur Fazura. For this lass insists that she’s still a small town girl at heart – she hails from Pekan, Pahang. And yet, she displays a very sophisticated urban taste in not only her footwear but also the image she portrays.

It’s that image that seems to be getting her into hot water. Though she’s a bit of an industry darling, having won the Most Promising Actress award at the Malaysian Film Festival last year for her role in Bicara Hati, the Malay press are not exactly enamoured of Nur Fazura.

When rumours began circulating that the woman in a 10-minute pornographic video clip for mobile phones is her, the press went after her for either confirmation or denial.

“Some of the Malay tabloid reporters asked me if I would swear on the Quran (and deny that she’s in the video) and I went, ‘Why?’”

“But I see the point. They want to bring me down and they want to upset me. And I go, ‘Hey, I don’t want to bother’,” she explains. She adds pointedly, “They don’t have any stories to write.”

What, in her opinion, is the No. 1 false rumour written about Nur Fazura?

“That I’m wild. That I’m a party girl. That I created all this publicity just to get people to watch my movies. And there are all my ‘love affairs’ with this guy, that guy. It all makes me look bad,” she fumes.

Er, that’s more than one ? but then, the woman’s got a right to vent a little, we feel.

So, what is the truth about Nur Fazura, then?

“I’m not someone who would go out with all these guys. I’m not arrogant. That (woman in the) porn video isn’t me. I am a simple girl. But people look at me and assume I am this high profile, wild, party girl who goes out with everybody and beats people up all the time,” she says indignantly.

“I am a very private person. I like to stay home. I like to spread lots of fresh white flowers around the place, light scented candles and watch DVDs.”

And no, she says firmly, she is really not seeing anybody.

“I have not found a good guy yet. But I am confident I will. I can tell you, Philip, I really want to start a family. I’m young, I know, but I am aching to have kids,” she confides.

“I want lots of them – I want 11 boys and one girl! Eleven, because I want to start a football team. And the one girl will be Putri, the very spoilt one.”

Explaining her definition of a “good guy,” she says, “I would like an ambitious guy who works hard, somebody who knows what he wants in his life, somebody who likes to watch movies and read books and stuff like that.

“And someone who also likes – sometimes, not every weekend! – to go out and have fun.”

So, that’s Nur Fazura’s version of Nur Fazura. She sounds nice. She comes across as nice during the interview. And yet, there’s all that bad press?.

So we decide to find out what someone who has had to work closely with Nur Fazura thinks of her. We whip out the trusty mobile to track down Gol & Gincu’s co-producer Lina Tan of production company Red Films. (The movie’s other producer is Marina Mahathir, whose company occasionally works with Red Films.)

”The thing in this industry is, when you are female, young and beautiful, people judge you more,” says Tan. “People look at her, she is gorgeous and beautiful, and so people just assume she will also be arrogant – beautiful people have that problem!

“But when you get to know her, she is warm, smart and funny,” says Tan. “And when she commits to a project, she gives it her all. When she was on location, she was very focused. Before shooting, she had done her homework. She knew who Putri was.”

In fact, Tan sees many similarities between Gol & Gincu’s sweet Putri and Nur Fazura: “Our first impression (when they cast Nur Fazura) was, ‘Oh God, she is Putri!’ She is like Putri. She is a nice person who can be naive about the world, but her warm personality is infectious.”

Nur Fazura is also evidently someone who can laugh at herself. In the movie, which was filmed in March, there is a reference to the infamous real life assault incident. Putri and her friend Zie (Rafidah Abdullah) are chatting when Putri says, “You better watch out, if not I will throw my shoes at you.”

Now that’s funny.

‘Gol & Gincu’ is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.


5 Responses to “They want to bring me down”

  1. Rix November 10, 2006 at 4:55 pm #

    well actually i’ve no opinions about this.but the shoes that she weared is exactly like what in that movies.well .am not accusing ya.just for ur ur carrier is an actress ,it’s not nice for all these.u’re just embrassing ur own and sold ur DIGNITY out .well.this’d be topic from time to time..RIx

  2. ANA December 1, 2007 at 2:56 pm #

    Hey Fazura, they can;t bring you down but only u can bring urself down!!!

  3. ABDULLAH B HUSIN December 8, 2009 at 1:32 am #

    ghai fazura

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