Flowers and futsal to win hearts

24 Sep

GIRL learns to play futsal (indoor street soccer) to win back her ex-boyfriend.

So goes the story line of the Malaysian teen flick Gol & Gincu (Goal & Lipstick).

The movie will be screened as part of the Malaysian Film Festival organised by Cathay (see report at right).

Its female lead is played by Nur Fazura Sharifuddin (right, with director Bernard Chauly) who was last seen in the war movie Qaisy & Laila.

She was here this week to promote the film.

The 22-year-old actress said that she can identify with her character’s effort to get the man of her dreams.

When she was a teenager, she said, she tried to catch the attention of a boy she fancied by dolling herself up.


Fazura, who’s single, admitted that she has had old flames trying to rekindle their relationship.

Too bad her ex-beaus didn’t do it the romantic way.

‘I have never got flowers. Flowers would have worked on me,’ she lamented.

Her on-screen sweetheart, Ashraf Sinclair, a half-English model, was not at the interview due to other commitments.


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