Cover Story: The world according to Ashraf

22 Jul

-by Terrina Hussein –

Ashraf Sinclair shares his views on life, love and little green men.

How do you combine a love of acting, image consulting and environmental awareness? According to Ashraf Sinclair, however you chose to do it, do it with style.

The handsome and (if you’re lucky), cheeky actor/host/ex-model environmentalist is all about living life to it’s fullest.

And, as is too often ignored in the entertainment industry, he balances the glitz and glam of the limelight with the integrity of defending and protecting our environment.

Sure, he’s the current co-host of the music show Beat TV. Naturally, he’s been chosen as the new host of Mentor Season 2. And of course, he’s the absolute epitome of eye candy in 8TV’s new series, Gol & Gincu.

But, he’s also about to embark on an even bigger task, as the emcee of the TUNZA International Children’s Conference on the Environment, to be held in Putrajaya at the end of August.

There, Ashraf will leave the big stage and bright lights of the media world and take up his position as emcee of an event that plays host to 250 young environmental activists from over 60 nations.

“TUNZA ICCE is a chance for these kids to discuss environmental problems and come up with solutions together,” Ashraf explained, with a different kind of gleam in his eye.

“The Agenda of Rio De Janeiro states that all world leaders must listen and pay heed to the children of their countries, because it’s them who inherit the earth,” he said.

“That’s why these discussions and forums are so important, plus I’ll also be in charge of making sure that the participants from all over the world have fun while they’re in Malaysia … I’ll be their comic relief!”

Ashraf’s duties will include coming up with games and more discussions for the 250 participants (all of whom are between 14 to 17 years old), and also to be the mediator between them and the adult organisers.

Which proves there’s still a lot of ‘kid’ left in Ashraf too.

“Myself, as well as a few others have been charged with being the big brothers and sisters of the participants while they’re staying here. We have to keep things energetic and lively for them at all times, and ensure that there’s no down time for them, that shouldn’t be hard to do. I’m really looking forward to it!”

If his current hosting skills are anything to go by, these kids are in for a real treat.

Buzz caught up with Ashraf recently to get the low down on his high on life:

If I was Prime Minister of Malaysia for a day, I’d …

I would ask my secretary to call all the other Prime Ministers around the world and find out who’s free for coffee, and I’d make an impromptu, spontaneous visit to the ones that weren’t too busy. And I’d ask them what it was like to be them, what it was like when they were a child, and growing up. I’d have a conversation with all these world leaders about what moulded them into who they are today, which I think is something they’d never speak about.

Your biggest fantasy girl is …

Siti Nurhaliza.

Your worst nightmare girl is …

Siti Nurhaliza! No, my worst nightmare is leaving [this world] without leaving anything behind.

Your perfect date would be …

Siti Nurhaliza! Okay, okay. It would be anonymous without knowing where we’re both from, or who we both are and spontaneous, without any labels or social expectations placed on us.

Boxers or briefs?

Boxers! Sometimes plastic bags.

What is your dream Hollywood role?

Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

If I could change one thing about the way I look it would be …

I want to be six feet, bold head, African American … I want to be Michael Jordan! I’m into basketball, I’m into Futsal, I’m into competitive sports. But, if I just become Michael Jordan, would I inherit his skills too? It’s his skills I want.

What is your worst personal trait?

I’m a perfectionist.

What does the world need more of?

Gravity! The world doesn’t need more of anything. If I have to chose something, I think it needs more books, and more people who actually read books.

You’re going to rock Mentor because …

I’m going to bring everything I have to the show, all that I am. I’m not just going to host, but I’m going to be there, in the present, to connect the viewers at home with the energy in the studio. It’s a live show, and I’m going to make it feel like a live show.

You were voted Cleo’s 2006 Bachelor with the Coolest Character … what’s so cool about your character then?

I don’t know. Maybe it was my Batman impersonation. I had to get on stage and do a whole Batman monologue. I guess it worked. It’s nice to have walked away with a consolation award.

Which is better, acting or hosting?

Acting is harder, and I feel like I’m not up to par just yet with the standards I’d like to achieve. I’d have to say I like acting more, because it’s a challenge. But hosting is great too, because I get to be completely present in that moment, it’s just me being me.

What would you do with RM1 million?

I would invest some in a trust fund, give 10 percent to charity, and I’d go completely crazy with the rest. I’d spend it on clothes, travelling and would go anywhere I wanted to, eat, sleep, and tip everyone who gave me a service … any service. I’d live doing everything spontaneously. When it’s over, I’ll just go back to work.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done to impress a girl?

The strangest thing I’ve ever done is attempted an eight-month long distance relationship that spanned Thailand, Malaysia, Sweden and London. It was a mutual understanding that we break up. I believe you can’t be committed to a relationship like that if you’re both just seeing how it goes. In order for a relationship like that to work you have to both be aiming at something like marriage.

What’s the strangest thing a girl’s done to impress you?

She was the female version of a player … a playette. She didn’t play me, but I was seriously impressed with how nonchalant and unemotional she was towards me. I was thinking that I need to have that! So I played the game back, as you should, only if you’re in that situation. And the psychological warfare was … well, let’s just say it was an intense trip.

But it didn’t last?

I don’t know … [smiling coyly].

Most bizarre experience with a fan?

A fan once kidnapped my mobile phone. I even received a ransom demand! [laughs]

Life is beautiful because …

Life is beautiful because everything works. You can live life in any way you want. You can challenge life and, most importantly, you can always have choices – that’s the key. You always have a choice.


His cheeky side…

by Zuhaila Akmar Mohd Sedek

Being eye candy doesn’t seem to bother this stud.

Have you ever met a guy who admitted he has a feminine side? Ashraf Sinclair has absolutely no problem embracing that other side.

“I’ve always been in touch with both my masculine and feminine side, in fact everyone should. In Gol and Gincu, it stresses a lot on issues of women’s rights and I am honoured to be able to apply my feminine side in this show. The dynamics of being able to know when to flip to the side needed is a great thing,” Ashraf said.

In the movie version of Gol and Gincu he plays the childish Eddy who dumps his girlfriend for another girl. His role has evolved into a whole different Eddy in the series version.

“Eddy has actually grown up in the series. He realises that he has made a mistake dumping Putri [played by Nur Fazura] for another girl. His personality has changed tremendously in the series.”

Even though he doesn’t have an issue with his feminine side, make no mistake, Ashraf is every bit a man’s man.

“I had a crush on Ezlynn the first time I met her and I have no problem at all working with her!” Ashraf smiled cheekily.

Plus, his crush on Ezlynn will boost the chemistry between the two co-hosts.

“Seeing the talented contestants we have this year, I’m so excited to be a part of the outcome of this show. And with it being a live show, it allows me to actually feel the constant adrenaline rush of it.”

*Catch Mentor Season 2 live concert on TV3, every Sunday, at 9pm


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