100PLUS team is futsal champ

25 Jul

CAN any of the ever-so glamorous-looking cast members of Gol & Gincu play futsal? Or is it just make-believe TV, with fantastic acting and great camera angles to disguise any shortfalls in sporting talent?

These were the questions the cast of Gol & Gincu, the TV series
currently aired on 8TV, aimed to settle in the absence of any special effects video cameras and make-up kits on demand as they got all-geared up for some real-life futsal challenges during the one-day fun-filled tournament recently.

In pursuit of futsal glory, the Gol & Gincu cast were ready to stand
tall against other teams including 8Team (which consists of 8TV
personalities), EMI, Hot.FM 1, Hot.FM 2 and 100PLUS.

The G&G (Gol & Gincu) team were also prepared to rein in strong competition from players such as 8TV’s chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar, the ‘‘no-nonsense’ Paul Moss of One In A Million Show, Hot.Fm deejays Aleya, Fara Fauzana and Faizal and other celebrities who have
also signed up for the tournament.

G&G series’ executive producer Lina Tan said: “How could we say no to the chance of spurring our great supporters and sponsors to greater heights at futsal?

“We are all-geared up for a great time and hope that this will also entice fans and viewers to take up futsal as one of their favourite activities,” she declared.

Tapping into the height of the World Cup football fever, the event also aimed at bringing loyal fans of the show closer to its cast, crew and friends.

Apart from being able to catch their favourite actors displaying their futsal skills on the field, there was an opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with them during the rare occasion.

Ahmad Izham cheekily said: “Being such good sports, it does not matter which of our teams win or lose. Although I am confident the 8TV team will be in the finals.

“What’s important is for everyone to have fun and continue supporting this series. We are having a great season so far and I am looking forward to what’s in store for this production,” he added.

The 100PLUS team emerged as champion while the EMI team was first runner-up and Hot.FM, second runner-up.

There were also other awards; the Hottest player — Vince (male) and Fazura (female), the Most Outstanding Player: from 100PLUS team 2, The Most Energetic Player — Radhi OAG and the Most Stylish Player: Faizal, Hot.FM deejay.


The Gol & Gincu TV series is a collaborative creation between Tan, scriptwriter Rafidah Abdullah, film director Bernard Chauly and is a production of Red Communications.

It boasts stars such as Nur Fazura, Mohd Pierre Andre, Sazzy Falak, Rafidah Abdullah and other familiar faces seen from the 2005’s successful movie.

Apart from new character Ayu, the TV series also features another new character, Haikal (played by Razif Hashim Natt) and celebrity guest stars including Que Haidar, Jit Murad, Vanidah Imran and Elaine Daly.

Only eight more episodes remain before Gol & Gincu, the TV series wrap up its debut TV season on Aug 27.

The upcoming episodes will treat viewers to more drama and comedy as the sweet, free-spirited Putri continues on her life’s journey with her family, friends and even foes.



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