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Gol & Gincu musim kedua

6 Mar


PEMINAT drama bersiri Gol & Gincu yang semakin tertarik hati menonton drama ini di saluran Suria setiap Selasa pastinya tidak sabar menantikan sambungannya.

Gol & Gincu terbitan Red Communications ini dibintangi oleh aktres Fazura, Rafidah Abdullah, Pierre Andre, Ashraf Sinclair dan pengacara Sazzy Falak.

Freda difahamkam, bukan sahaja golongan remaja yang minat menontonnya. Ramai juga penonton dewasa yang turut menontonnya setiap Selasa.

Menurut ketua penulis skrip drama popular ini, Rafidah Abdullah:

‘Memang drama sebanyak 13 episod ini akan disambung dengan musim kedua kami yang akan memulakan penggambarannya pada bulan ini dan kami akan kekalkan pelakon-pelakon yang sama juga melainkan Kartini yang berada di luar negara untuk menyambung pengajiannya di sana.’

Freda diberitahu ramai juga penonton Singapura yang memberikan maklum balas positif menerusi blog untuk drama ini meminta agar drama ini diterbitkan untuk musim kedua pula.Tambah Rafidah minggu lepas:

‘Isu-isu sosial yang kami paparkan akan dikembangkan untuk musim kedua nanti kerana kami mempunyai beberapa penulis skrip untuk musim kedua juga.’

Freda: Jurucakap Suria memberitahu Freda bahawa musim kedua drama bersiri Gol & Gincu ini akan turut ditayangkan nanti.


100PLUS team is futsal champ

25 Jul

CAN any of the ever-so glamorous-looking cast members of Gol & Gincu play futsal? Or is it just make-believe TV, with fantastic acting and great camera angles to disguise any shortfalls in sporting talent?

These were the questions the cast of Gol & Gincu, the TV series
currently aired on 8TV, aimed to settle in the absence of any special effects video cameras and make-up kits on demand as they got all-geared up for some real-life futsal challenges during the one-day fun-filled tournament recently.

In pursuit of futsal glory, the Gol & Gincu cast were ready to stand
tall against other teams including 8Team (which consists of 8TV
personalities), EMI, Hot.FM 1, Hot.FM 2 and 100PLUS.

The G&G (Gol & Gincu) team were also prepared to rein in strong competition from players such as 8TV’s chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar, the ‘‘no-nonsense’ Paul Moss of One In A Million Show, Hot.Fm deejays Aleya, Fara Fauzana and Faizal and other celebrities who have
also signed up for the tournament.

G&G series’ executive producer Lina Tan said: “How could we say no to the chance of spurring our great supporters and sponsors to greater heights at futsal?

“We are all-geared up for a great time and hope that this will also entice fans and viewers to take up futsal as one of their favourite activities,” she declared.

Tapping into the height of the World Cup football fever, the event also aimed at bringing loyal fans of the show closer to its cast, crew and friends.

Apart from being able to catch their favourite actors displaying their futsal skills on the field, there was an opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with them during the rare occasion.

Ahmad Izham cheekily said: “Being such good sports, it does not matter which of our teams win or lose. Although I am confident the 8TV team will be in the finals.

“What’s important is for everyone to have fun and continue supporting this series. We are having a great season so far and I am looking forward to what’s in store for this production,” he added.

The 100PLUS team emerged as champion while the EMI team was first runner-up and Hot.FM, second runner-up.

There were also other awards; the Hottest player — Vince (male) and Fazura (female), the Most Outstanding Player: from 100PLUS team 2, The Most Energetic Player — Radhi OAG and the Most Stylish Player: Faizal, Hot.FM deejay.


The Gol & Gincu TV series is a collaborative creation between Tan, scriptwriter Rafidah Abdullah, film director Bernard Chauly and is a production of Red Communications.

It boasts stars such as Nur Fazura, Mohd Pierre Andre, Sazzy Falak, Rafidah Abdullah and other familiar faces seen from the 2005’s successful movie.

Apart from new character Ayu, the TV series also features another new character, Haikal (played by Razif Hashim Natt) and celebrity guest stars including Que Haidar, Jit Murad, Vanidah Imran and Elaine Daly.

Only eight more episodes remain before Gol & Gincu, the TV series wrap up its debut TV season on Aug 27.

The upcoming episodes will treat viewers to more drama and comedy as the sweet, free-spirited Putri continues on her life’s journey with her family, friends and even foes.

Lim Kok Wing University College of Technology

20 Jul



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Gol & Gincu The Series “Jerangkung Dalam Almari”

9 Jul

The college is a buzz with gossip about Shasha and Zie’s unnatural relationship spread by an anonymous gossip monger. This causes Shasha to be kicked out of her own futsal team Ballbusters. Things get out of hand when Haikal abuses Zie because of the gossip. Meantime, Marwan worms his way into Aina’s home and Aina resorts to desperate measures to get rid of him. Finally Reza’s past catches up with him and he is forced to unveil a shocking secret about himself to Putri.

Cast: Nur Fazura, Ashraf Sinclair, Sazzy Falak, Mohd Piere Andre

Gol & Gincu The Series “Cinta Monyet”

2 Jul

Jiji visits Putri during the school holidays and Putri plans a surprise 16th-birthday-party-cum-pyjama-party for her with all the girls in Bukan Team Biasa. During the party Jiji’s confesses of her crush on her classmate, triggering a wave of nostalgia about first loves. They all start swapping first love stories – some are tender, some are bitter, some are hilarious. Even Zie had a boyfriend before – a guy named Ikan whose drug habit ended the relationship abruptly. While Putri is busy, Ayu takes the opportunity to ask Reza out for a date

Cast: Nur Fazura, Ashraf Sinclair, Sazzy Falak, Mohd Piere Andre

Gol & Gincu The Series

2 Jul

Aside from a love of futsal and their honest attraction for each other, Putri (Nur Fazura) and Reza (Mohd Piere Andre) are a young couple in love with very different backgrounds. Putri, a fashion student hails from a wealthy family while Reza, a third year law student has to work part-time to support himself and his studies in a local university. Ayu (Mazlyna Hasan) has been in love with Reza since their first year together as coursemates.

Reza is completely unaware of Ayu’s emotions and just when Ayu decides that this is the year she will bare her heart and soul to Reza, Putri’s appearance puts a huge foil to her plan. However Ayu does not give up so easily, hatching a devious plan to break the mismatched couple up, while keeping her competitor close to her.Reza also finds himself having to compete with Putri’s ex-boyfriend Eddie (Ashraf Sinclair) who is handsome, rich, captain of the college futsal team and everything he is not.

Reza starts feeling that maybe he is going out with someone who is just out of his league. Putri’s world in the meantime starts crumbling. Her best friend Mia (Mellisa Maureen) decides to get married and stop college, her futsal teammates are all distracted with their own problems, attendance for futsal practice starts ping and her mum Datin Aina (Bernice Chauly) falls into depression when someone mysterious from her mom’s past re-appears.

Putri however finds an unexpected ally in her former rival, Shasha (Sazzy Falak) and together with the rest of her teammates Zie (Rafidah Abdullah), Sarah (Kartini Kamalul Arrifin), J (Fasha), Dayang (Zarina) and Ling (Celina Khor), she discovers that when a bunch of girls come together, they can overcome anything in Gol & Gincu.

Cast: Nur Fazura, Ashraf Sinclair, Sazzy Falak, Mohd Piere Andre

Sunday, 10:00 PM on 8TV

Official Blog

Original Cast Returns for “Gol & Gincu” TV Series

1 Jul

By Yap Yew Jin


1 June – With the 2006 FIFA World Cup kicking off in about a week, football fever has gripped the nation and everyone across the nation is hoping their favorite team does well in the tournament. Fans of romantic comedy “Gol & Gincu” have something else to look forward to as a new TV series that follow the lives of their favorite characters will be screened on television this month.

The 13-part series, which begins its run on 8TV this Sunday at 10pm from 4 June, shares the same futsal theme as the movie but uses its two main characters, Putri and Reza to highlight youth issues. The cast for the series remains largely the same and includes the young and talented bunch of Nur Fazura, Mohd Pierre Andre, Ashraf Sinclair and Sazzy Falak.

In the movie, Putri is determined to win back her sports-mad ex-boyfriend Eddy, by turning into a futsal heroine herself. Facing prejudice and ridicule, and discovering through her motley futsal team the many difficulties faced by women in sports, Putri gradually finds within herself the strength and values of a true winner, both on and off the pitch.

Executive producer Lina Tan feels the stories of the characters in “Gol & Gincu” could be expanded further.

“With the TV series, we can explore more current issues for young people,” she said. Themes for the series range from love and friendship, jealousy and discrimination.

8TV chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar said the station was very proud to be part of the “Gol & Gincu” experience, particularly the focus on futsal.

“Futsal is the in-thing with all Malaysians today, including women,” he said.

This local production also features music by Malaysian artistes, with Radhi Razali of OAG singing the theme song.

“Gol & Gincu”, the TV series, makes its debut at 8TV this Sunday at 10pm.

Cinema Online, 01 June 2006